Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website so that it appears high up in search engine results.

Google Analytics

web analytics tool

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool used to measure the performance of your website. This tool can provide you with useful data to help you improve your marketing strategies.

In addition, it can help you determine which content is working and which isn’t. It is also useful for identifying the most popular pages on your website. These reports contain information on how your visitors are navigating your site and can help you determine which content is working. 



You can make use of the different Google Analytics reports to find out more about your website’s traffic.


For example, you can look at the behavior report to see which pages are the most popular.


You can also view your audience report to see how people are interacting with your site.


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Another useful feature of Google Analytics is the ability to view the reporting data in a graphical manner. You can create multiple custom reports and save them for later use. 



With this feature, you can view your tracking data in two different ways: as a block graph and as a full path graph. To create a custom report, simply visit the Google Analytics page and select the “Custom Reports” option. 


custom reports

You can also create custom reports and make other requests against the Google Analytics Core Reporting API. Then, select the dimensions and metrics you want to view. Then, name the report as you wish. 

Analytics reports

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Among the Google Analytics reports, the Goal Overview report is one of the most useful. This enables you to track specific interactions such as purchases, and to measure whether you’re reaching your goals. It also shows which pages and channels drive conversions. Additionally, it displays a timeline for each goal, making it easy to compare recent data with historic ones. By analyzing this information, you can measure how successful your marketing campaigns are in reaching your company goals.

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If you're new to Google Analytics, you can also use the Solutions Gallery to learn more about the different reports available.

Created Reports

These expert-created reports can be imported into your Analytics account.

Build Powerful

By doing this, you can build powerful dashboards without having to learn the ins and outs of the platform.

specific metrics

Google Analytics custom reports are a great way to monitor specific metrics of your website.

multiple accounts

You can even create them for multiple accounts, which is useful if you need to monitor several different metrics simultaneously.

visitors viewed

Whether you want to know how many visitors viewed a certain page, how many people visited your product pages, or how much time they spent on your site, a custom report can be very helpful. Google Analytics allows you to create custom reports, but this requires a higher level of knowledge of the software. These reports are highly personalized and offer the most in-depth analysis of your data

individual reports

You can also choose to save individual reports and categorize them, or add them to another view.